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American Planning Association

April 26 - 30, 2014
Atlanta, Ga.

Congress for New Urbanism

June 4 - 7, 2014
Buffalo, N.Y.


AARP Livable Communities and CDC Healthy Aging Network Collaboration

We are pleased to announce that AARP Livable Communities now features  resources from the CDC Healthy Aging Research Network’s (HAN) Environmental Policy Change (EPC) Clearinghouse. Through an agreement between AARP Livable Communities and the CDC- HAN, the EPC Clearinghouse has been integrated into AARP Livable Communities Resource Hub. Resources from the HAN searchable database that now appear on the AARP site include toolkits, best practices, case studies, guidelines, and environmental and policy change strategies to support state and local efforts specific to older adults in the areas of livable communities, transportation, walkability, older pedestrians and drivers, universal design, and rural community issues
The Healthy Aging Research Network (HAN) was formed  in 2001 and funded by  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy Aging Program.  The HAN is a network of seven member universities across the US collectively focusing on public health aspects of healthy aging that do their work in partnership with numerous organizations such as AARP. The HAN research and dissemination agenda is based on the recognition that healthy aging requires safe physical environments and communities that support attitudes and behaviors leading to health and well-being, and effective use of health services and community programs to prevent or minimize the effects of acute and chronic disease.  For further information on HAN, please visit the CDC Healthy Aging Research Network.


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