Pedestrian Safety Workshop - A Focus on Older Adults


With the older adult population steadily increasing and transportation becoming an even more critical issue, many communities are interested in improving their pedestrian-friendly environment. Older adults are an important segment of all communities who need to have the option to walk for health benefits, errands, and socializing, among other things. To facilitate pedestrian transportation for this group, communities must ensure that streets are safe and accessible for older pedestrians. This workshop, created by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, aims to inform older adults, community leaders, and local stakeholders of potential solutions to make communities pedestrian-friendly, as well as age-friendly.

Key Points

This comprehensive workshop provides step-by-step instructions and modules to assist communities in their efforts to become more pedestrian-friendly. The workshop is designed to advance the process of creating more pedestrian-friendly environments by encouraging dialogue among a variety of community stakeholders and equipping participants with ideas to improve walkability in their own community.

This online tool features a 90-minute workshop that addresses the main issues affecting the pedestrian-friendliness of a community such as the built environment and pedestrian infrastructure. Additionally, the online workshop offers training for any community member interested in becoming a workshop instructor. The eight modules included in this section are intended to help community members raise awareness of the needs of pedestrians and plan their own workshops for all interested community stakeholders and residents.

How to Use

This workshop is an excellent tool for any community member looking to get involved in the planning and development of their neighborhood. The modules and resources provided within the workshop seek to educate and inspire action among participants. Possible workshop participants include older adults and other interested community members, transportation planners and engineers, public health professionals, law enforcement officers, elected officials, business owners and others who have an interest in safety, health of older adults, active transit, transportation or walking.

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