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Today’s older adults are considered the most active generation of older people that the United States has ever seen. The Walkable and Livable Communities Institute works to create connected communities that support active living for people of all ages. Their website contains background information on the organization, as well as excellent educational resources to assist communities in creating livability and walkability programs.

Key Points

The WALC Institute’s website helps spread the overall vision of the organization. The “Resources” tab contains videos, articles, and other publications designed to educate planners and local organizations on implementing new programs. The site also has information about education and outreach programs at the community level, helping all stakeholders understand the opportunities available to them. Another strong feature of the website is an up-to-date calendar of events, allowing interested individuals to stay active with their causes. Finally, the website provides opportunities to subscribe to WALC Institute publications, or provide tax-deductible donations to the organization.

How to Use

The WALC Institute’s website is intentionally designed to provide valuable information for a wide range of stakeholders. Government workers, advocacy groups, planners, neighborhood associations, and many others can find resources relevant to their needs in creating more livable, walkable communities. The up-to-date information and thorough educational publications make this site a strong resource for all members of the community.

View the website: http://www.walklive.org/

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