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Many local governments do not have the funds or dedicated 311 hotlines to interact with its citizens for the various city issues its citizens encounter. SeeClickFix is a simple but elegant solution to this governmental challenge. It provides an interactive site where citizens can post the potholes, trash oversights, or other community issues those citizens see locally and local governments can respond using SeeClickFix. Local governments can use the site to reduce overhead costs and increase communication, interaction and participation with its city residents.

Key Points

The site is easy to use for all ages. Residents simply type in the name of their city and a corresponding homepage appears with a map. Pins will appear on the map where community residents have posted concerns, and will show the correlated responses from local government officials. For example, an entry “requesting trash pick-up”, may show the city official responseof“ acknowledged” and the request will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate department. This can be used to report various issues, like potholes, abandoned cars, or other community challenges that may be felt by residents, but of which local government may be unaware.

To post an issue, look to the top center and click the “Report an Issue” link. The city page also has categories for Questions (i.e. questions about the site or government department the user may have), Neighbors, and Watch Areas (i.e. specific districts or regions within a city). Users also gain Civic points for reporting issues they see, which increases their profile on the Neighbor page. This helps celebrate and reward civic engagement.

How to Use

SeeClickFix enables residents and local governments to collaborate more effectively. This strengthens community ties, efficiency, and can enhance livability initiatives by providing local governments with residents’ perspective regarding community needs. In addition, it reduces the bureaucracy that many community residents may feel stifles their relationship with local officials.

View the website: SeeClickFix

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