Complete Streets Policy for Sarasota Springs – 2012


Complete Streets are defined as, “streets that provide safe, comfortable, and convenient access for users of all abilities including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders.” The implementation of such a policy became mandatory as part of a law signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in August, 2011. Shared Access Saratoga gave this presentation in order to promote the city’s vision for the Complete Streets Policy.

Key Points

This presentation provides background information on Shared Access Saratoga, the importance of the Complete Streets Policy, and proposed action items to facilitate the Complete Streets vision. The major emphasis of the policy is creating a unified effort to provide options for all users of all abilities within the City.

Other presentation highlights include:

  1. Shared Access Saratoga is comprised of 20 stakeholder groups, representing a broad range of interests. Their top priorities include the Complete Streets Policy, and Safe Routes to School.
  2. According to the presentation, Complete Streets will improve quality of life in Sarasota Springs by enhancing the safety, economic vitality, and health of the community.
  3. The Policy is focused on creating a more balanced transportation system for the City of Saratoga Springs. It will ensure that public and private projects are managed to best promote safe, comfortable, and convenient travel.
  4. Action items for the Policy range from immediate to long term, and culminate with the completion of a Bicycle, Pedestrian and Public Transit Plan by Year 6.

How to Use

Reviewing the presentation allows planners and community leaders to familiarize themselves with the Complete Streets Policy of Sarasota Springs. Community planners and local officials can use the information as a guideline for their own programs.

View full report: Complete Streets Policy for Sarasota Springs – 2012 (PDF – 1.3 MB)

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