Successful livable communities coordinate their land use, housing and transportation policies to maximize residents’ independence, engagement and ability to age in place. Policies and plans should be periodically evaluated and updated to ensure they meet the needs of an aging population.



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AARP Aging in Place: A State Survey of Livability Policies and Practices
The vast majority of older adults want to age in place, so they can continue to live in their own homes or communities. This report examines state policies related to land use, transportation and housing that are needed to help older adults age in place.

Livable New York Resource Manual: Sustainable Communities for all Ages: Planning, Zoning, and Development
This section of the Livable New York Resource Manual, produced by the New York Office for the Aging, focuses on the importance of proper planning, zoning, and development to meet the changing needs of the aging population and make communities more livable for all residents. Specific planning and zoning strategies are provided.

State Policy Options to Support Sustainable and Equitable Development
This report provides detailed examples of policy options available to states interested in promoting equitable, sustainable growth. Major benefits of these policies include savings on public infrastructure costs, reductions in energy use, increased ridership on public transit, and economic growth from the clustering of people, jobs, and businesses.

Walkable and Livable Communities Institute Website
The Walkable and Livable Communities Institute works to create connected communities that support active living for people of all ages. Their website contains excellent educational resources to assist communities in creating livability and walkability programs.

Smart Growth Online
Find ways to create livable communities and then discover new grants or funding options. Smart Growth Online has a wealth of information to access, as well as local workshops and networks to join.


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