Fact Sheet: Housing Trust Funds – 2009


According to a 2007 American Housing Survey, 91 percent of 65+ household owners or renters experience a housing cost burden. AARP acknowledges the importance of this issue to low-income Americans and created a fact sheet on one method to address this problem: housing trust funds.

Key Points

“Housing trust funds provide financing and technical assistance to support affordable housing.” They are publicly funded instruments to support construction, acquisition, and rehabilitation of housing; create rental and ownership opportunities in every state for low-income Americans; and support special needs housing. While most housing trust funds may be used for a number of activities, some housing trust funds are established to serve a specific housing need. The flexibility of housing trust funds allows states to create livable communities by effectively integrating land, transportation, and housing planning.

Other report highlights include:

  • As reported in the fact sheet at the time of publication, 43 states and nearly 600 cities have established housing trust funds.
  • The National Housing Trust Fund was enacted in 2008, and the goals are to increase the supply of rental housing and homeownership for low-income households.
  • Housing trust funds are usually helpful to residents with special needs, including the aging population.

How to Use

This fact sheet provides basic information on housing trust funds, including information on how they work, what and whom they support, and the overall goals. Local planners and government officials can use this information to determine trust fund eligible activities as an option for affordable housing solutions.

View full report: Housing Trust Funds – 2009 (PDF – 59 KB)

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