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civic & community engagement

Find strategies to help you foster engagement by making it easier for seniors to contribute to the community, connect with cultural and educational opportunities, and participate in local decision making.


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Transforming Senior Centers into 21st Century Wellness Centers (LA)
AARP Louisiana produced this report to analyze changes in the senior center model and provide recommendations for future improvements to these centers. It describes changes to senior centers over the past 50 years, and details recommendations on modernizing centers into 21st Century Wellness Centers.

AARP The Village: A Growing Option for Aging in Place
The Village offers an option for meeting the needs of the growing older population by making it possible for people to stay in their communities and “age in place.” Neighborhood residents create villages to help coordinate and deliver services and supports within their communities. This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the village model and policy implications.

NORC Community Blueprint Website
A naturally occurring retirement community (NORC) is defined by its geographic boundaries and its population of seniors. The NORC Blueprint website is a resource for community planners looking for information on how to partner with community members to design effective NORC programs, how to implement NORCs, and how to evaluate NORC projects.

The Retirement Research Foundation Website
The Retirement Research Foundation (RRF), a Chicago-based organization, has granted nearly $200 million in program funding since 1978. Their website provides information relating to local and national grants and funding programs available to nonprofit organizations, as well as other age-related resources.

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Judith Willet on The Village Concept

Villages are a quintessentially American approach to problem solving – independently organized and managed by the residents of the neighborhood, designed to address the needs of the residents, allowing them to stay in their homes and neighborhoods as they grow older.

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