Creating Communities for All Ages in New York

Nancy LeaMond — AARP Executive Vice President, State and National Group — addresses the New York State Association of Counties

I know most of you here today are well aware of your aging constituency, and I know that many of you are already working on solutions to address it.

But I also know that in the busy corridors of city hall, it can be challenging to shine a spotlight on any given matter.

When we talk to the folks who have signed up for the network, overwhelmingly they tell us that by formally joining our program, they’ve been able to bring greater attention to these critical issues.

In addition to giving you access to information, resources and support, we’ll connect you with other communities — in New York, and across the country — that are grappling with similar challenges and opportunities.

I encourage you all to check out our age-friendly toolkit at, where you can find more information.

For some of us here today, the dramatic demographic shift is already part of our everyday thought and planning — and has been for some time.

For others, it may have, so far, played only a peripheral role in your responsibilities and work.

Regardless, no matter where you sit and what you do, these issues will increasingly become front and center.

I firmly believe that — when future historians look back on the first half of the 21st century — they will judge today’s leaders on how we responded to the challenges, and seized the advantages, of our aging country ... for the benefit of today's generations, and for generations to come.

YOU all are on the front lines. 

As the face and the arms AND the brains of government at the local level, your work lives at the intersection of public service and real people.

And we’re counting on you to lead the way.

Thank you all so much for your leadership, and thanks for everything you do for the citizens of this fine state.

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