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Advanced Streets and Sidewalks Toolkit – 2011


This internal AARP document provides a step-by-step toolkit for local communities who want to conduct public workshops and surveys to help improve community “walkability.” The reason for community organizers to conduct such workshops, according to the toolkit materials, is because “Walkability Workshops tap into the passion and pride that people have for their communities. Residents come together to survey an area’s walkability – its safety, comfort, and appeal—and, in the process, they consider what is important to their quality of life.”

Key Points

The toolkit includes all the information and materials a local organization might need in order to plan and implement a Walkability Workshop. Beyond basic information, the toolkit includes a host of specific, fill-in-the-blanks type materials that make this a turnkey package. That means it includes the following:

  1. Event Staging Checklist – shows tasks and timeline at a glance
  2. Event Coordinator’s Guide – a how-to guide for the person who coordinates the workshop and survey event
  3. Survey Leader’s Guide – a how-to guide for volunteers who lead the surveys
  4. Model Presentation (PowerPoint) – shows why walkability is important and what to look for during the survey (including examples with photos)
  5. Sidewalks and Streets Survey – revised to help survey teams more easily assess the safety, comfort, and appeal of sidewalks and streets in their community
  6. Evaluation Form – allows you to directly enter your comments about the toolkit
  7. Sample Outreach Materials – includes Key Contacts to Invite and a sample flyer, invitation, media advisory, and engagement card
  8. Sample Complete Streets Materials – includes outreach, legislative, and other items to help organizations that choose to conduct a Complete Streets advocacy campaign
  9. Advanced Sidewalks and Streets Toolkit (PDF) – complete toolkit in PDF format so you can quickly print the entire document for review

How to Use

Any local planner or community organization interested in engaging residents and community leaders in improving the walkability of their community should start with this toolkit. It provides an easy, turnkey package of instructions and materials that should enable anyone to implement a Walkability Workshop.

View full report: Advanced Streets and Sidewalks Toolkit – 2011 (PDF – 4.9 MB)

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