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We Need To Talk: Family Conversations with Older Drivers
The Meaning of DrivingObserving Driving SkillsPlanning Conversations
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Level 2 conversations are serious and require immediate action

En español | In Level 2 conversations, safety is a serious concern and action needs to be taken now. The goal of these conversations is to have a person change his or her driving behavior right away.


When planning Level 2 conversations, you must consider who is the best person in the family or in the community to be the lead "messenger." The nature and quality of the driver's relationship with the messenger will influence how receptive the older driver might be.


Don't pick the person living farthest away or the least emotionally vested person to lead the conversation.


Do pick a person who the older driver believes has his or her best interest in mind.


The messenger should be close enough to the older driver to know about the person's driving ability and, if possible, his or her physical and mental capabilities for driving.



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