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Summer Driving Tips

Summer usually means vacation time and hot weather conditions.

Summer usually means vacation time and hot weather conditions. To keep yourself safe and cool on the roads, follow these summer driving safety tips:

  1. The summer sun can create dangerously hot temperatures in your vehicle: Be sure to check that your air-conditioning system is functioning properly before traveling. Do not leave pets or children waiting in a car.

  2. Summer temperatures can wreak havoc on your vehicle: Before you head out on the road, especially for a long trip, be sure to have your car serviced and inspected for safety.

  3. Check your fluid levels: That means check the oil, transmission, coolant, brake, power-steering and windshield fluids.

  4. If planning a road trip, get up-to-date maps: Also, share your travel itinerary with friends and family.

  5. When packing for a trip, don't exceed your car's payload capacity: Your owner's manual has information about the maximum weight of all cargo and passengersyour vehicle can safely carry.

  6. Make sure your tires are properly inflated: In hot summer months, for every 10-degree Fahrenheit increase in air temperature, tire pressure increases approximately one pound.

  7. Use caution around road-construction projects: Warm weather increases road construction work. Safely navigate through construction zones, obey all signs and watch for pedestrians and work vehicles.

  8. When parked, use a sun shield beneath the windshield: A shield will keep the car's interior heat to a minimum and protect your vehicle's interior surfaces.

  9. The end of summer signals the start of school. Be familiar with school zones, and get into the habit of noticing where school zones and crosswalks are on the roads you generally take.

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