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Bilaal v. Abell

AARP Foundation Attorneys Represent Homeowners Targeted for Lending Schemes

After returning home, Bilaal realized the papers included several provisions that transferred tens of thousands of dollars of unexplained fees as well as "trust" accounts not adequately described or accounted. Bilaal says he called Baltimore and Baltimore offered him a complicated and misleading explanation about the implications of the paperwork. Eager to avoid foreclosure, Bilaal accepted the explanations, and it was not until later that he realized he had not absolved himself of any mortgage liability but instead merely agreed to maintain his mortgage debt to Fairbanks while transferring title to his property to Vincent Abell and agreeing to have Modern Management broker his mortgage payments. Moreover, Bilaal says that when he sought to ask Baltimore about the transaction and find out where to send his payments, he was unable to find him. Bilaal says Modern Management told him that Baltimore did not work there and could not locate him. Ultimately, Bilaal faced eviction by Fairbanks for nonpayment of his mortgage (though he had paid his debts in a timely fashion to Modern Management, which apparently did not pass them along to Fairbanks) and only narrowly avoided being thrown out on the streets.

Attorneys from AARP Foundation Litigation have joined forces with AARP's Legal Counsel for the Elderly in representing Idriis Bilaal and other homeowners in Bilaal v. Abell, which is currently in D.C. Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges violations of state and federal lending and consumer protection laws, as well as violation of tort and trust laws. Among the allegations: aggressive and misleading marketing, lack of federally required settlement statements and other paperwork, and missing notifications of borrowers' rights to rescind refinanced loans. The suit seeks to stop defendants from conducting their business practices and to force them to return title to the homeowners' homes. The lawsuit also seeks to rescind the allegedly fraudulent contracts and to impose punitive damages upon defendants.

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