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7 Dangerous Household Products

Sure, these items are designed to make life easier, but they can also bring bodily harm

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    En español | Losing your balance and slipping off one of these can cause back injuries, knee injuries and bone fractures, so make sure yours is stable. Look for a stool with sturdy legs, fitted rubber tips and a base that’s wider than the top. When using, hold on to something stationary.

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    These appliances start about 6,000 home fires every year. The culprits may be defective dryers or excess lint that was never cleaned out. Check the lint traps after every load.

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    They cause some 80,000 injuries each year. Wear sturdy shoes and eye protection, and check your yard for stones and other debris that can be thrown by your mower. 

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    Designed to enhance safety, they can injure children or older people if improperly installed or badly designed.  

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    Keep your humidifiers clean. If they’re not properly maintained, you can get sick from the buildup of mold and bacteria.

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    Possible cuts from lacerating blades or burns from scalding hot liquid splashes are reasons to beware of the blender. The government logged 9,000 blender injuries in 2014.

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    These everyday devices cause thousands of fires — including several fatal ones — each year, according to federal watchdogs. Clean out the crumbs and unplug when not in use. Ditto for toaster ovens.

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