Senate Unveils Health Bill — and It’s Bad.  Call Toll-Free 844-259-9351 to Urge Your Senator to Vote 'No'



Regina Belle on Caring for Her Brother

Award-winning vocalist Regina Belle shares her experience providing care to her brother, who suffered a stroke

Stepping Up – Stories of Jazz and Caregiving

Loving stories on the lives of four musicians and their families as they struggle to balance the roles of artist, caregiver and patient

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AARP Wants Senators to Start From Scratch

Tell them to write a health care bill that lowers premiums, protects people with preexisting conditions and provides affordable coverage to all Americans

The Unaffordable Health Care Act

Older adults could pay thousands more under House bill

7 Best Calorie-Counting Apps

Our favorite food trackers to help you get your summer body plan together

Your Wealth

Find ways to optimize your financial resources and opportunities

You Just Need a Little Nudge

Behavioral science can trick you into doing the right thing

Get Cash Quick!

8 easy ways to raise funds fast

Congress Makes It Harder for Millions of Workers to Save for Retirement

Roadblock to states seeking to sponsor a retirement plan

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Utilizing Technology to Enhance Life

Free Online Technology Fair, Thursday, June 8, from 1 to 6 p.m. ET

Hang Up on Tech Support Scams

Your computer is fine

Maintaining Privacy and Security while Connected to the Internet

Users share some concerns and strategies for protecting privacy and security of their digital information

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