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Yvonne Watson

Defining the future of fashion

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Today's Hot Deals

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Credit Card Queen 

Girlfriends Make Cents: Episode One

“What Now?”

David Robinson talks Real Possibilities with AARP

Living Well

“My life is actually my message.” Rev. Run


Your Health

Information and resources to lead healthier lives


Are You An Early Bird or Night Owl?

Take this little quiz, based on recent studies, for some hints.

AARP's Medicare Question and Answer Tool

Practical and comprehensive information about how the Medicare program works and when to enroll

Medicare Resource Center

Why it’s important and what you need to know

Your Wealth

Find ways to optimize your financial resources and opportunities

Work & Jobs in 2017

6 workplace trends to watch for in 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning

According to a recent survey, 64 percent of Americans have not made a will

Putting Your Head in the Sand Rarely Solves a Problem

Especially the fiscal challenges faced by Social Security that matters so much to so many


Your Life

Turn your goals and dreams into real possibilities, and connect with family, friends and community in meaningful ways

E-Learning Can Boost Your Career and Life

There are now many digital learning options that make it easier to take charge of upgrading your skills

Time for a Vacation?

Consider Grand Bahama Island

Need a Ride? You Have Options

Today, you have more options besides public transportation

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