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Online Safety

The Spyware in Your Hand

Your smartphone may be sharing your secrets by using "spyware"

Answering ‘Secret Questions’ for Web Security

Tips for choosing your password and answers to security questions

Why Is That Ad Following You Around the Web?

Retargeting to sell you products you've viewed online

Your Membership

Today's Hot Deals

Saving Money

Shop Smart for Tech Products

Shopping tips to get the most bang for your buck on digital gear

Speed Up Your PC For Free

Follow these simple steps to get your computer running fast again

8 Ways to Save on Technology

Read this before buying the latest gadget or device

Home Technology

HDTV Terminology

What all the different terms in flat screen technology mean

Wireless Routers Made Easy

We review two wireless routers that even the least tech-savy user can set up in under 5 minutes

Streaming Video in Your Home

Watch video clips and stream movies with these magical boxes for your TV

Technology & Health

Technology Aids Our Independence

How advances in health technology will make aging easier for all

Technology Puts You in Charge of Your Health

Health gadgets track your pills, blood pressure and more

5 Really Helpful Health Apps

Check out these simple mobile apps that will put you on the path to better health

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