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    Best Travel Apps for Flying

    Turn your smartphone into a full-service travel center

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    Don't expect the mobile mayhem to end anytime soon

    The 25 Worst Passwords

    Is yours on the list? Great tips for creating more secure passwords

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    How to Text Message

    While smartphones make it easier to text, even basic (read: inexpensive) handsets can do the trick

    5 Really Helpful Health Apps

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    Hack-Proof Passwords to Avoid Cyberattacks

    Recently, millions of passwords have been stolen in cyberattacks on banks and other institutions. Here's how to protect yourself

    Protecting Your Online Data After You're Gone

    What to do now to ensure you get to determine the fate of your online life and, oh yes, make things easier for your loved ones

    7 Things Your Passwords May Reveal About You

    The passwords you choose can offer some insight into who you are and what you value. They also can inspire you


    George Takei Celebrates Selfies, Space Travel and Cat Videos

    "Star Trek" actor-turned-social media guru is using his resurgent popularity to advocate for important causes

    New Technology Could Allow You or Your Parents to Age at Home

    Devices give older people the opportunity to avoid or delay the nursing-home decision

    Tech Reviews on The Latest Cool Gadgets, Tablets and Other Devices

    The newest gadgets from fitness trackers to tablets. Which ones do you want?

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