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The Car That Drives Itself

A driverless car by Google could revolutionize transportation for the elderly and disabled

Since being introduced by Google, the driverless car has logged hundreds of thousands of test miles without an accident. Utilizing both cameras and a rooftop sensor of radars and lasers, the autonomous vehicle has rendered drivers obsolete.

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Sebastian Thrun is the visionary responsible for the development of the car. Having lost a dear friend to an automobile accident at age 18, Thrun became determined to eliminate human error during driving. By utilizing artificial intelligence, he not only hopes to reduce the number of vehicular fatalities, but also provide older and disabled drivers with more transportation options. One such driver is Steve Mahan, who’s legally blind and the CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center. Mahan became Google’s official self-driver number one, taking the car out for a spin, and even stopping by a fast-food drive-through for tacos.

Although the vehicle is not available for purchase, it has been seen in Nevada, the first state to allow experimental driverless cars.

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