Understanding the roads we drive on and learning about changes to road design are critical to our safety. Today, roads are researched and planned based on livesaving measures.


roads spotlight

Planning Complete Streets for an Aging America

Transportation issues make it to the planning table at the state and local level.

roads videos

Video: Sharing the Road

Learn about sharing the road with different vehicles such as trucks and buses.


Watch more roads-related videos and learn ways to stay safe.


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Top Ten Technologies for mature drivers

Top Technologies
Use our tool to learn about new vehicle technologies that make driving safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

Interactive Driving Simulations

Practice your skills on six real-life interactive driving situations.


Drug Interaction Checker

Enter your medications and supplements to see how they interact and may affect your driving.


Rules of the Road

Play our Traffic Law Game to test your knowledge in your state.


Fitness-to-Drive Screening Tool

Answer driving skills questions and learn about a loved one's driving fitness.


Exercises for Mature Drivers

Learn more about how exercise helps drivers stay safe.


We Need to Talk

Learn more here about a loved one limiting or stopping driving.



Locate an event near you to find out how well your car "fits" you.