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    Your Friends

    Group of friends in book club

    How to Make New Friends After a Move

    Follow these tips on making new friends in a new place.

    Caregiver Social Holidays Stay Connected Couple Invite Front Door Wreath

    Stay Connected to Friends While Caregiving

    Learn how to sustain your social life, a source of necessary replenishment, while caregiving.

    Reason Get Dog After 50 Understand You

    10 Reasons to Get a Dog When You’re Over 50

    From health benefits to sheer huggability, canine companions make sense

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    Family Matters

    Portrait Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter, Conversation with Jimmy Carter

    A Conversation With Jimmy Carter

    Former President Jimmy Carter talks about money and politics, race relations and marriage.

    Juan José Valdés

    Lost and Found in Cuba: My Father's Gift of Hope

    After half a century, geographer Juan José Valdés rediscovers his boyhood home.

    Millennials Put Their Own Stamp on Parenting

    Millennials Put Their Own Stamp on Parenting

    The differences range from care and feeding to playtime to parenting philosophy.


    Jane Seymour playing with her grandchildren, The New Grandmother

    Boomer Women Redefine Grandma Role

    Actress Jane Seymour and other "new" grandmothers give the image of grandma a facelift, updating a balance of life, career and more.

    Grandmother and granddaughter reading together.

    9 Signs You're an Awesome Grandma

    Introducing your grandchildren to the classics of your world can be easy when you relate to what they love, too. Try these ideas.

    Grandmother and granddaughter dancing together.

    6 Ways to Be a Sexy Grandma

    Staying in shape emotionally, physically and mentally is one way to be a great role model to your grandchildren. Here are more.

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