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Caregiving: A Week in Pictures

AARP’s Amy Goyer juggles work and family duties as a live-in caregiver for her parents

  • En español | Mobile technology helps me to juggle my job with Mom's physical therapy session.

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  • Pausing for a cup of coffee after a hectic morning getting my parents ready for the day; taking care of their dog, Jackson; and planning the evening meal.

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  • Dad needs to stay active. Because he enjoys getting out of the house, he often accompanies me on errands.

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  • When my parents moved in with me, I rented an office to give me some quiet space to work.

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  • I manage to get some work done during Dad's dental examination.

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  • I often keep up with work emails in between some time-consuming caregiving tasks, such as filling pill organizers.

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  • Donna Adler, a fitness professional, leads Mom in exercises while I monitor her progress.

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  • I take a quick break from work to help Dad get started on his stationary bike exercise.

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  • A fun reward after a busy morning: sharing a cold drink with Dad and his service dog, Jackson.

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  • Mom's new doctor makes a house call. I'm grateful. It means less time I spend away from work.

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  • I've found that working out with Dad in the water is an effective way to meet both of our exercise needs.

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  • It gives me a sense of fulfillment to help my parents with both simple and complex daily tasks.

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  • Dad still leads us in saying grace every evening.

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  • My Mom revels in affections from Dad and me.

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  • As this story went to press, Patricia Ann Stutz Goyer, 87, passed away. "I'm devastated at the loss of my beautiful mom," Amy said. "It was an honor and a privilege to care for her as she cared for me."

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