Manage Stress

Dealing With Unsolicited Advice

How to Handle Criticism While Caregiving

Well-meaning advisers try to help but some can cause hurt

Mature couple and elderly mother

Preserving Your Marriage While Caregiving

Spreading yourself too thin dilutes the attention you can devote not just to anyone in your family, but to everyone in it

Family Caregivers Could Use A Break

Respite care provides temporary relief for the daily stress of caregiving

Work and Caregiving

Juggling Work and Caregiving

AARP expert Amy Goyer offers tips on how to balance the two

Two men in office, What Caregivers Must Know

What Working Caregivers Must Know

Learn best strategies for dealing with your employer and what rights you have

Are you afraid to call yourself a caregiver

Do I Tell My Boss I'm a Caregiver?

Ways to manage extra duties at home without jeopardizing your job.

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    Staying Healthy

    Mature woman doing yoga exercises on a Nintendo Wii Fit in the living room of her house, How Caregivers Can Find Time to Exercise

    Exercising When You're Caring for Someone Else

    How to make time for your own fitness needs

    Woman looking in refrigerator in dark, How Sleeplessness Leads to Overeating

    Caregivers At Risk for Weight Gain

    Catching some Z’s can help keep the pounds off

    Woman brushing older woman's hair, Caregiving Resource Center

    Help for Solo Caregivers

    If you're taking care of a loved one on your own, here's everything you need to know

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