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En español | If you have Medicare Part D, the optional prescription drug benefit, your shingles vaccine should be covered but the process may be more complicated that filling a prescription for a medication. Your Part D plan will pay for the vaccine, and for its administration by your doctor or other health care provider. Before you get a vaccination, you should check with your Part D plan to see where you can get your shot at the lowest cost.

You typically pay the least for your shingles shot if you are vaccinated at: a pharmacy that is in your drug plan’s network; or a doctor’s office that:

  • can work with a network pharmacy that will bill your Part D plan for the entire cost of the vaccination; or
  • can bill your Part D plan for the vaccine, directly.

If you receive the shot from an in-network pharmacy or from a doctor’s office that can bill your Part D plan, you should only need to pay the plan’s approved copayment at the time you get vaccinated.

If you get the shingles vaccine from a doctor’s office that can’t bill your Part D plan, you will have to pay the cost of the vaccination up front, and then follow your Part D plan's rules to get a refund. You will only be refunded your Part D plan’s approved amount for the vaccination. You will be responsible for the difference between the doctor’s charge and the plan’s approved amount.

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