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10 Ways to Look and Feel Great This Summer

Has the heat got you down? Here's how to get a lift, inside and out

Undo Sun Damage

En español l Cell-repairing veggies such as tomatoes and broccoli "can help counteract the effects of ultraviolet rays" on your skin, says dermatologist Ava Shamban, author of Heal Your Skin.

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Try a New Workout

Try suspension or resistance training, which uses your body weight to build strength, balance and flexibility. Find the gear at a health club, or anchor straps to a door (or a tree branch) for a DIY gym.

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Sweeten Up Naturally

Summer's fresh fruits make this the perfect season to cut back on unhealthy levels of sugar.

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Avoid the Hospital

New medical residents start to manage cases in July. Postpone elective procedures till fall to let the newbies get their bearings.

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Tote Your Own Shade

Parasols are making a comeback, this time with added UV protection. And even a regular umbrella can block more than 75 percent of UV light.

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Blow Bugs Away

Mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide in your breath. To deflect them, create a patio breeze with an electric fan.

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Shield Your Eyes

Splurge on chic shades — and buy tinted cheaters for poolside reading. Look for a label that says "UV400" or "100% UV Protection."

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Shun Pesticides

Herbs such as dill, cilantro and mint, and flowers like zinnias and cosmos, keep garden pests at bay, says Baltimore garden consultant Chrissa Carlson.

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Lose the Straw

Piña coladas are delightful, but pursing your lips too often as you sip can exaggerate fine pucker lines.

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Kill Ticks on Clothing

Toss togs into the dryer for 15 minutes before washing. Water doesn't zap ticks; high heat does.

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