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Make the Most of Your Meds

Did you know there are a few simple things you can do to be a better medication manager?  Spending a few minutes today can go a long way in helping you or someone you love stay healthy.

While you may already be wise about your meds, even the most sophisticated medication manager can learn a thing or two.

AARP’s Make the Most of Your MedsSM toolkit can help you learn why:

  • Keeping an up-to-date list of all your medications, prescription and over-the-counter is so important;
  • Preparing for a doctor’s visit will help you make the most of your visit and leave with the information you need;
  • Working with your pharmacist will give you detailed answers about your medications, especially dangerous drug interactions;
  • Researching your drug choices can lower the overall cost of your medications; and
  • Managing your meds comes with six easy tips: remember, take, monitor, avoid, notice and store.


Your Personalized Toolkit

  • Want to start making the most of your meds today?  Check out the resources provided by AARP in this online version of the Make the Most of Your MedsSM Toolkit.
  • Visit our YouTube channel  to view AARP’s 15-minute Your Medicines and You program featuring internationally-acclaimed geriatrician, Dr. Bill Thomas.
  • Take a moment to read the Medicines Made Easy brochure to find out everything you ever needed to know about managing your medicines but were afraid to ask.
  • Round up your medications and fill out a Personal Medication Record.  You may discover that AARP’s Pharmacy Label Made Easy handout will help you find info on your pharmacy label in order to put it in your medication record.    
  • Use the AARP Doughnut Hole Calculator to find out if you’re at risk of falling into the Medicare Part D coverage gap.  This resource will provide you with the tools necessary to talk to your doctor about alternative drugs to reduce your expenses.

Prefer to receive this toolkit in a non-electronic format?  Simply call AARP toll-free at 1-888-687-2277 and refer to order number D19257.  Hard copies of the Make the Most of Your MedsSM toolkit is currently available only to New Hampshire residents.

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