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Consumer Reports' Top Health Products

Which are worth your time and money?

Blood Pressure Monitors

En Español l Top Rated: Omron 7 Series BP652 (wrist), $60; Omron 10 Series BP785 (arm), $80

Beat "white coat" hypertension — that blood pressure spike many people get just from being at the doctor's office — by testing yourself at home. Both models remember up to 100 readings for two users. Best Buy: ReliOn HEM-741CREL, $40

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Glucose-Level Meters

Top Rated: Accu-Chek Aviva Plus, $20

Forget those old do-it-yourself vampire kits. Smaller, faster and drawing less than one microliter of blood, the Accu-Chek Aviva Plus home tester wins top marks for accuracy and convenience. Best Buy: Up & Up Glucose Meter, $9 (model shown is redesigned version, $15)

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Heart Rate Monitors

Top Rated: Timex Zone Trainer, $62

This Timex measures how fast your heart is beating, recalls your per-lap rate for up to 27 laps — and it sounds an alarm when you get out of your targeted zone. Plus, you can monitor your heart rate during a timed recovery period. Best Buy: Omron HR-100C, $35

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Weight Scales

Top Rated: Taylor Digital Scale #7506, $35

You're sure to get the naked truth from this scale — and the chrome-and-glass design won't hide your nice bathroom tile floor. But wait, there's more: It runs on a long-life lithium battery and holds up to 400 pounds. Best Buy: Escali B180RC, $30

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Water Filters

Top Rated: ZeroWater ZP-010, $38

Although we're not alarmists, even clear tap water can have bad stuff floating around in it. This pitcher has a carbon filtering system that will screen out up to 99.9 percent of contaminants. A year's filter supply costs just $48. Best Buy: Applica Clear20 CWS100A, $21

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Air Purifiers

Top Rated: Whirlpool AP51030K, $300

You might forget you're using this purifier, thanks to its quiet four-speed motor. But then you'll remember, "Hey, I'm not sneezing!" When the filter is filled with dust and pollen, it alerts you to replace it. Best Buy: Holmes HAP756-U, $140

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