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      Health Treatments

      Advanced Prostate Cancer Cases Skyrocket

      Among men ages 55 to 69 and may be attributed to a drop in PSA screenings

      Taking On Colon Cancer

      Sensors in your colon, the importance of vitamin D and aspirin, and why you might not need to fast before a colonoscopy

      Mixed Results ‘More Disappointing Than Not’ for Alzheimer’s Drug

      Drug targeting protein called tau worked no better than placebo

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      No Wheelchair Ramp for the Deaf

      Getting hearing access is a little more complicated due to the varied nature of hearing loss issues

      For My Summer Vacation, I Went to Hearing Camp

      An intense but fun 4 days of learning to listen better, aural rehabilitation, speech tracking, and more

      Hearing Loss Making You Lonely? Get a Dog

      Learn how owning a pet can curb dangerous isolation, reduce stress and more.

      Be a Smart Patient

      6 Memory Boosters for Your Mate

      Stealth strategies can help improve memory and increase your brain health

      6 Things to Know About Zika This Summer

      What the Zika virus is, where it is, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones

      8 Ways to Fight Off Inflammation

      Here are the latest, proven tricks for keeping inflammation at bay

      Health Resources

      Smell and Eye Tests Offer Potential for Predicting Alzheimer’s

      Nose and eye tests could help people pursue possible therapies earlier

      Few Fracture Patients Screened for Osteoporosis

      Even fewer given recommended drugs, AARP study finds

      Where Are the Doctors You'll Need?

      A geriatrician is a medical doctor or physician who is trained to meet the special health issues of older people.

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