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Happy March Birthday to ...

Vanessa Williams, Elle Macpherson, Chaka Khan, Christopher Walken and others turning 50, 60, 70 and 80

50: Vanessa Williams (Mar. 18)

En español | The first African American Miss America gave back her crown when Penthouse scored nude photos of her. That 1984 scandal has been diminished by her successful music and TV career (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives). She's the coauthor (with her mom) of the new memoir You Have No Idea.

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50: Bret Michaels (Mar. 15)

After heading the '80s glam-metal band Poison, Michaels and his trademark bandana went solo, while often popping up on reality TV shows. He recently launched a pet products line called Pets Rock (including dog bandanas), and is hosting Rock My RV, a Travel Channel series airing in May.

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50: Elle Macpherson (Mar. 29)

The Australian model was 43 when she last rocked Sports Illustrated's swimsuit cover, looking as fine as she did at 22. She sells a line of underthings, Elle Macpherson Intimates, some of which she wears, while inexplicably reading a Tennessee Williams story, in a video on her website.

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50: Quentin Tarantino (Mar. 27)

With Reservoir Dogs in 1992, and Pulp Fiction two years later, the writer/director shot from obscure indie film nerd to revered auteur known for genre-busting movies steeped in stylized violence. His latest, Django Unchained, a blaxploitation-inspired Western, just earned him his second Oscar.

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60: Isabelle Huppert (Mar. 16)

The French beauty came to Americans' attention for her role in 1980's Heaven's Gate, then later in the sexually explicit The Piano Teacher. Last year she played the daughter of the aging couple in Amour. You can soon catch her as a randy mother superior in a new French film called The Nun.

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60: Chaka Khan (Mar. 23)

The Grammy-winning funk-soul diva is best known for hits such as "I'm Every Woman" (1978) and "Through the Fire" (1984). She just released a new single, "It's Not Over," and in February came out with a line of gourmet chocolates called Chakalates and "Khana Sutra" candles. Really.

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70: Bob Woodward (Mar. 26)

He's the Pulitzer-winning Washington Post journalist of Watergate fame, and the author of a stack of books packed with Beltway insiders (many, like Deep Throat was, anonymous). His phone number is listed, as he likes to consider himself "the most accessible person around."

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70: Charles Gibson (Mar. 9)

He joined ABC News in 1975, and went on to coanchor Good Morning America and then anchor World News With Charles Gibson — during which time he interviewed eight presidents. When the affable journalist retired in 2009, he said of his career, "I have loved every damn day of it."

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70: Christopher Walken (Mar. 31)

He's eerily skilled at playing slightly unhinged, icy-eyed characters, including the crazed Bond villain in A View to a Kill and the intense Vietnam vet in The Deer Hunter. But he can also be seriously silly, as evidenced by his acrobatic dance in Fatboy Slim's video, "Weapon of Choice."


80: Barbara Feldon (Mar. 12)

The lovely Agent 99 on the TV series Get Smart was taller than her leading man, Don Adams (who played Maxwell Smart), so she had to act without shoes or else stoop. In 2003 Feldon came out with a still popular self-help book/memoir called Living Alone and Loving It.


80: Quincy Jones (Mar. 14)

"Q," as he's called, has earned 27 Grammys and 79 nominations. The legendary composer and producer started out playing trumpet with Dizzy Gillespie, then worked with, among others, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Michael Jackson. He's also Michael Caine's buddy. (See next slide.)

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80: Michael Caine (Mar. 14)

This prolific British actor — Sir Michael Caine, since he was knighted in 2000 — has appeared in everything from Alfie to The Dark Night Trilogy to Jaws: The Revenge. He and pal Quincy Jones were born at the same time, to the hour, and plan to celebrate the big '8-Oh' together in Las Vegas.

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80: Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Mar. 15)

She was one of only nine women in her 1958 Harvard Law School class, then the second woman on the Supreme Court. Ginsburg, though, could have been a diva instead: She recently told a reporter that if she hadn't gone into law, she'd have wanted to become an opera singer.


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