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Tom Cruise at 50 — He Completes Us

From 'Taps' to 'Rock of Ages,' ignoring Tom Cruise is mission impossible, as these pictures prove

  • 'Rock of Ages' (2012)

    Nearly 30 years after tearing up the air guitar in Risky Business, this summer Cruise lived a rock-and-roll fantasy for real, starring as Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages. Just the kind of guy you'd take home to meet your mother … if your mother's name were Marilyn Manson. — Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment

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En Español | As he turns 50 on July 3, Tom Cruise may be facing a third divorce, but remains squarely at the top of an unparalleled career. Time and again Cruise has challenged himself with ambitious new parts. His screen roles have often corresponded to personal landmarks in one of the world’s most publicly perused lives. Click through the images above to see him in his most memorable moments.

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