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Sharon Stone’s Life in Pictures

AARP's Lifetime Achievement Award winner looks back at her life and celebrated career

Sharon Stone

Actress Sharon Stone waves to fans as she arrives for the premiere of 5 Days of August, a drama about the Russia-Georgia conflict in Tbilisi, Georgia, last year. — David Mdzinarishvili/Reuters

Sharon Stone, who will receive AARP The Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement honor at the Movies for Grownups Awards Gala on Feb. 6, comes from strong stuff. Growing up in Meadville, Pa., she was a bright and creative child who was part of a big family and close to her parents, Joseph and Dorothy. Modeling was her ticket to a bigger life; it eventually led to world travel, acting and her work in Hollywood.

Here we celebrate her life and career in photos and we asked Stone to write the captions. She happily complied.

Baby Sharon Stone reaches for a picture

— Photo Courtesy of Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone at home at an early age: “Clearly, this was a life choice.”

Toddler Sharon Stone with her brother

— Photo Courtesy of Sharon Stone

Stone in Meadville, Pa., jokes about the passel of puppies: “Me and my four siblings.”

Sharon Stone appears in

— Photo by Everett Collection

In Deadly Blessing, 1981: “It's a horror movie, a Wes Craven film from the nascent moments of my career. Not one of us knew anything about anything, except Ernest Borgnine.”

Sharon Stone in

— Photo by Everett Collection

In Total Recall, 1990, with tough guy Arnold Schwarzenegger. “I kicked the crap out of him. That's all I'm saying here.”

Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas dance in

— Photo by Everett Collection

In 1992’s Basic Instinct, which made her a star, with costar Michael Douglas.

“This particular photo was taken the day of the nightclub scene. It was fun and sexy. Doing this movie was, of course, a highlight of my career. Working with Michael is amazing. He is so talented and strong, his choices are daring and he is a powerful presence every second. I've always tried to be like Michael, taking my career seriously as an actor and respecting the possibilities it has provided for me as a voice in the world.”

Sharon Stone stars in

— Photo by Everett Collection

In Casino, the 1995 film for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

“This shot is from the intro scene of my character, Ginger. Marty (Scorcese) and I had talked about how much we both loved intro shots from old films. We had talked about our favorite intro moments for women in films over the years. So when I walked in I was thinking of one of mine which was Rita Hayworth in Gilda and the way she threw back her head and said, ‘Sure, I'm decent.’ I wanted to carry that kind of feline cool, wit and charm as I knew this was the moment when Bob would see me in the film for the first time and I wanted to be fabulous for him — for Robert DeNiro, the actor I had always dreamed to work with, and for Bob, the man who was so sexy and cool.”

Sharon Stone impressed fashionistas with her black Gap t-shirt worn to the 1996 Oscar Award ceremonies

— Photo by Eric Draper/AP

At the Oscars, a style icon in a Gap T-shirt.

“OMG. I was nominated for the Oscar for Casino and Quincy Jones (who was producing the Oscars and is a dear friend) and I were presenting two Oscars. I always give the winner his ballot that says that he won. This time I also accidentally and unknowingly gave the first winner the second unannounced ballot. I looked at Quincy and neither of us had the ballot or knew where it was. He ran in the back to Price Waterhouse to find out if they could look in the computer and I told a joke to the audience. This moment is when he came back out and we — relieved — told the audience who won and got a big laugh and it was actually pretty funny and one of those crazy live television moments. And I thought I was nervous about the Oscar. After that, it was all easy.”

Sharon Stone wore her husband's shirt with a Vera Wang skirt to the 1998 Oscar ceremonies.

— Photo by Rose Prouser/Reuters

At the Oscars in 1998.

“Going to the Oscars with my new husband. Wearing his shirt. Having a husband. My really good friend Vera Wang made my beautiful lavender skirt. It was all pretty fabulous actually.”

Sharon Stone in the Place Vendome in Paris

— Photo by Emanuele Scorcelletti/Contrasto/Redux

The subject of a book by photographer Emanuele Scorcelletti.

“This is just the way regular life looks when traveling abroad. This is a photo outside of my apartment at the hotel (in Paris) I have stayed at for 20 years. My bodyguard is pictured in the front right, and her staff on the left.”

Sharon Stone with her parents in Beverly Hills in 2007.

— Photo by Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

With parents Dorothy and Joseph Stone.

“As you can see we had a lot of laughs together. They loved each other immeasurably. They were married for 60 years when we lost Dad two years ago. There is no way to express the loss we all feel without him, but the gifts that he gave to each member of our family live on in the best of who we are.”

Sharon Stone walks with her two sons, Laird and Quinn, in California

— Photo by Splash News

Home life off-screen.

“I am having a mommy time — out to the park with two of my three kids, Laird and Quinn, now 5 and 6. Being a mom, and a single mom, is a joy, a challenge and a blessing.”

Sharon Stone donates money to build water wells in African villages

— Photo Courtesy Justin Arana

"This photo is from my trip to Uganda, where I learned exactly how clean-water wells would go in, work and provide long-term service to communities. This is the first time this child ever had clean water in his life. Clean water stops the spread of cholera, stops mother-to-child transmission of AIDS by allowing a mother to feed her child powdered milk with clean water once that child has been born AIDS free through the use of a new drug called navirapine. Clean water aids in healthy births and stops many other illnesses. Clean water is now one of the most pressing issues on our planet. I am working with Drop In the Bucket (who put clean-water wells in African nations) by providing funds through a line of diamond jewelry I designed with Damiani jewelry.”

Sharon Stone attends the Cannes Film Festival in 2009.

— Photo by Martin Bureau/Reuters

“This is a photo from the famous red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival where you can see that all of the paparazzi also wear black tie. I find that to be so chic.”

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