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New Movie Releases

Zoolander 2

Chicer and Dumber: 'Zoolander' Returns, Alas

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprise their roles in this comedy about the fashion industry that earns two stars

The Lady in the Van

Maggie Smith Drives 'Lady in the Van'

'Downton Abbey' star Maggie Smith is touching and hilarious in a film that earns three stars

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

'The Revenant': Grim and Bear It

Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Hugh Glass in the semi-true story, The Revenant, a film that earns three stars out of five

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'Hail Caesar' Movie Trailer: A Hollywood fixer in the 1950s works to keep the studio's stars in line

2016 Movies for Grownups Awards: Relive this year's AARP's annual Movies for Grownups Awards show

'Zoolander 2' Movie Trailer: Models Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) must stop a conspiracy to kill the world's most beautiful people

Movies For Grownups Favorites


Diane Keaton on Her Leading Men

The award-winning actress spills the tea on some of Hollywood’s finest A-list actors

Bond Girls, Honor Blackman, Halle Berry, Barbara Bach

Memorable Bond ‘Girls’ Through the Decades

In 24 films spanning half a century, these strong, sexy sidekicks have kicked 007’s butt — and saved it

Depp-O-Meter, Pirates of the Caribbean

9 Incredible Johnny Depp Characters

Our guide to the good, the bad and the strange roles the award-winning actor has portrayed

Certified Movies for Grownups

Juliet Stevenson as Mother Teresa in The Letters

'The Letters': A Mash Note to Mother Teresa

Juliet Stevenson portrays Mother Teresa in 'The Letters,' a film that earns three stars


'Trumbo' Is an Urgent History Lesson

Bryan Cranston stars as Dalton Trumbo in 'Trumbo' a film about Hollywood figures blacklisted for their political beliefs. The film earns four stars

The Intern

'The Intern' Deserves a Raise

Robert De Niro shines as a guy who ditches retirement in 'The Intern' which earns 5 stars (our highest rating) from AARP's Movies for Grownups

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