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10 Essential Boomer Books

Have you read these influential books? In the comments below, share other books that made an impact

  • 'The Catcher in the Rye' (1951)

    By J .D. Salinger Our adolescent angst defined. (See also: Franny and Zooey.) — Ted Morrison

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  • 'Catch-22' (1961)

    By Joseph Heller
    The antiwar novel to end all antiwar novels. — Ted Morrison

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  • 'The Fire Next Time' (1963)

    By James Baldwin The book that awakened New Yorker readers to the souls of black Americans. — Ted Morrison

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  • 'The Group' (1963)

    By Mary McCarthy The book that told us about our mothers' lives. — Ted Morrison

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  • 'Couples' (1968)

    By John Updike "Welcome to the post-pill paradise," as one liberated character says. — Ted Morrison

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  • 'Whole Earth Catalog' (1968)

    By Stewart Brand How to be green and save the globe. — Ted Morrison

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  • 'Portnoy's Complaint' (1969)

    By Philip Roth The penis as an instrument of men's liberation. — Ted Morrison

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  • 'Sisterhood Is Powerful' (1970)

    By Robin Morgan The book that told us how not to relive our mothers' lives. — Ted Morrison

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  • 'The Female Eunuch' (1970)

    By Germaine Greer Sexuality is power. Renouncing it only makes us powerless. — Ted Morrison

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  • 'Diet for a Small Planet' (1971)

    By Frances Moore Lappé The first book to make us aware that Earth's resources are far from infinite. — Ted Morrison

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  • Honorable Mention: 'Fear of Flying' (1973)

    By Erica Jong Welcome to winged women. The novel just celebrated its 40th anniversary. — Ted Morrison

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