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Power of 50

Superheroes Celebrate 50th Anniversary!

Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers still save the day, but here’s how these Marvel Comics crusaders can use their talents in an encore career. Check it out, Iron Man

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Professor Xavier

Real Name: Charles Francis Xavier
Skills & Experience: Likely the world's most powerful telepath, can read minds, transport thoughts into others; founder of the X-Men; mutant-rights activist.
Encore Career: Lead a United Nations committee to protect and recognize the rights of persecuted minorities.


Ant-Man aka Yellowjacket

Real Name: Henry Pym
Skills & Experience: The brilliant scientist created "Pym Particles" that allow him to shrink to the size of an insect and then return to his normal size.
Encore Career: Work on new and revolutionary uses for nanotechnology, providing hands-on assistance yourself.

The Hulk

Real Name: Bruce Banner
Skills & Experience: When stressed, transforming into the ultimate destruction machine.
Encore Career: Design and sell Green Buddha, your line of ultra-ultra-ultra stretchy yoga clothes targeted to a young crowd. Encourage sedentary teens that log too much electronic time to get up and move, lest they make you angry.

Iron Man

Real Name: Tony Stark
Skills & Experience: Genius IQ, master engineering skills, enemy-blasting suit of armor.
Encore Career: Become the union rep, and the face, for American steel workers, dedicated to revitalizing U.S. manufacturing industry. Give air shows to pump up the membership.



Real Name: Peter Parker
Skills & Experience: Web-slinging abilities, agile building-to-building travel.
Encore Career: Become a webmaster. Naturally!


Real Name: Thor Odinson
Skills & Experience: Superhuman strength, injury resistance, wielding his all-powerful hammer.
Encore Career: Go into construction and hammer in the morning, hammer in the evening, all over this land.

Have your own ideas about how these superheroes should recareer? Share your suggestions here by posting a comment below. Or tweet them to us at #Next4heroes.

Source: | Images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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