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10 Extraordinary Latin American Stars Paying It Forward

We want to fiesta (and maybe siesta) with these Latin stars who work with, inspire, and give back to the next generation. Vamos amigos!

Yvonne Watson: Defining the Future of Fashion

Learn how she's leading and cultivating the next generation of disruptors within the fashion industry at Parsons School of Design

Youtube Star

Social Media and YouTube: the New Family Therapy
Food was this man’s obsession — and the only thing he had in common with his son. How a relationship can thrive with YouTube  — and a passion for a good dim sum.

Karen Walrond, Writer & Photographer

Karen Walrond, 48: Embracing What It Means to Be 'a Woman of a Certain Age'
A former engineer and corporate attorney, Karen Walrond, transitioned away from the corporate world to launch a fresh career as a writer, photographer and public speaker.

Ari Seth Cohen

Why Ari Seth Cohen Loves Stylish Older Women. We Chat With the Maker of Advanced Style
On fearless aging, values and muses — a chat with Advanced Style’s Ari Seth Cohen.

Madonna speaks on stage at the Billboard Women in Music 2016

The Mercurial Girl
Madonna owns her Woman of the Year moment — calling out ageism as only she can.

Dr. Bill Thomas In Front Of 'As I Age' Chalkboard, Disrupt Aging

Dr. Bill Thomas: Spreading the Disrupt Aging Message
Author, entrepreneur, musician, teacher, farmer, geriatrician Bill Thomas is one of the most creative thinkers in medicine today.

Burning Man

Welcome, Age Disruptors, to — Burning Man?
It’s not the first place you would imagine an 87-year-old. But during the festival last August, the vast, hot playa was invaded by individuals that have been little seen at Burning Man since it started 30 years ago: elders

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Generations Generating: 10 Mash-Ups and Match-Ups
See stars like Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Jay Z and his mother, Gloria and more, team up for great causes.

Disrupt Stacy

Stacy London: What to Wear with Mid-Age Flair
She’s movin’ on from the What-Not-to-Wear Stacy of 2002 – in style – in philosophy. Modern Stacy is ablaze in the modern “evolutionary” woman she has become – gray streak and all!

Everyday Disruptors Spotlight

Gloria Bernstein

"I will be 86 next month and just opened my own art gallery. I moved near my family last summer, after having cancer. My doctor says I look good, and I still play soccer with my grandkids."

Sally Hille

“At 96 years old, I am the oldest DJ in the world. I had retired, but when I hit 90 I decided there was not much radio out there for seniors. I now do a show for WMOA in Marietta, Ohio.”

Lynn Asbury

“Last month I completed the Spartan Sprint in Breckenridge, Colorado. Five miles, 9,600 feet, 18 obstacles. The average participant is 21 to 35 years old. I am 66. One of the best days of my life!”

Joyce Kitson

“Granny basketball was started for ladies over 50 years of age. We follow the rules from 1923, dress accordingly and promote a spirit of camaraderie.”

Doreen Bolhuis

“Most students in my flying-trapeze lessons are in their 20s and 30s. They ask, "How old are you?" I hope to inspire others not to limit themselves. We ALL are capable of so much more than we think.”

Del Lonnquist

“Lois, my wife and love of 60 years, had passed away in March of 2014. The kids asked, ‘What will you do now, Dad?’ I said, ‘I am going to go for a little ride.’ 69,000 miles in two and a half years.”

Maureen Knudson

“When my husband and I were 74 and 71, we paddled and portaged across 140 miles between Canada and Minnesota. Since then, we’ve hiked a few places in Europe, about 85 miles!”

Ed Harris

“At age 43 I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. With no background in medicine, I developed a treatment that reversed the disease. I have had to learn all of this on my own.”