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A spotlight for extraordinary people — from celebrities to everyday citizens — who are challenging outdated beliefs about aging and sparking new solutions.

Have you ever been told 'you're too old for that'? Buy your copy of Disrupt Aging today, and let’s start changing the conversation about aging.


Who is your inspiration? AARP Disrupt Aging
Are you an age disruptor? AARP Disrupt Aging
Disrupt Drowning in Debt

I Am Drowning From Debt, and It’s My Daughter’s
More boomers are shouldering their children’s student loan debts — and narrowly escaping the poorhouse

Millennial House Wives

Millennial Men’s Fantasy – June Cleaver Wives?
You’ll be as stunned at these new surveys as we were…

Man holding umbrella for woman

Ready for a City of 100-Year-Olds?
Nope — and the economic benefits could be huge if we were. It’s time for cities, communities and companies to deal!

fashion aged out mad woman

Fashion Fury! Our Message for the Retail Industry: Grow Up
Four years ago it dawned on me: I don’t like shopping for clothes anymore. In fact, I quite hate it

greta pole dancer

Greta Pontarelli: Pole Artist & Age Disruptor
She inspires us with her strength, artistry and can-do attitude in the unlikely art of pole dancing, which is dominated by younger women

Retirement at 40

Retirement at 40? Tips From a Savvy Saving Millennial 
She’s maxed her thrifty lifestyle — discount stores, coupons, ’99 ’Vette — and headed straight for early retirement

Disrupt_Handmaids tale

Hollywood’s Not-So-Young Comeback Kids
Before the megahit The Handmaid’s Tale, these two producers, 87 and 70, had literally hung up their careers. And then Hulu called…


Venus Williams

Five Mind-Boggling Numbers You Need to Know About Venus Williams
And they don’t include her age. The superstar has far more important numerical tidbits to share, from endorsement deals to her successful pursuit of equal prize money for women. 



WiseWear jewelry

WiseWear: Smart Jewelry That Keeps Women Safe
There’s more than meets the eye with the WiseWear Socialite Collection. The designer bracelets are smart jewelry that serve as a panic button, a fitness tracker and a notification device. 


What’s Your Ideal Place to Grow Older? It May be This City…
Walking, biking, affordable housing in walking neighborhoods – these are a few of the key things our elders need to thrive as their numbers increase. Oh! And access to fun with younger folks! You’ll be surprised to see just which cities are ahead of the curve… 

Game jam

Who’s Got Game? You’d Be Surprised
With 41 million Americans over 50 describing themselves as gamers, AARP jumps into the fray by hosting a rockin’ GameJam.

Kenneth Shinozuka

Kenneth Shinozuka, Inventor
Creating and developing a wearable sensor for people with Alzheimer’s … and he’s 17 years old.

Life Cycles: One Family’s Coming of Age Tradition
A coming-of-age family story that began with Lorne Garrettson taking his 9-year old daughter out for a 50-mile bike ride has become a family tradition. Now, at 82, Garretson is taking his last ride with his youngest grandchild.

Astronaut Peggy Whitson

This Woman Breaks a NASA Record!
NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson became the oldest woman in space, adding to her long list of barrier-breaking records. Whitson, 56, rocketed off the planet, headed for the international space station, where she'll celebrate her 57th birthday in February.

VIDEO: What is old?

Millennials Show Us What ‘Old’ Looks Like
What age do you consider to be old? We posed that question to millennials and asked them to show us what 'old' looks like.

Live From New York With SNL’s Don Roy King
Live from New York, director Don Roy King brings Saturday Night Live to life for millions of viewers each week. The job also keeps the 68-year-old up to date on the people and things his 18-year-old daughter, Cameron, cares about.