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Baby Boomers Turning 65

6 decades of Boomers

— Sunset Boulevard/Corbis; © NASA/Roger Ressmeyer/CORBIS; Bettmann/CORBIS; Bob D'Amico/ABC/Getty Images; Image Source/Getty Images; John Lund/Blend Images/Corbis

In 2011, the first of the baby boomers reached what used to be known as retirement age. And for the next 18 years, boomers will be turning 65 at a rate of about 10,000 a day. As this unique cohort grows older, it will likely transform the institutions of aging — just as it has done to other aspects of American life. Will boomers redefine this life stage, or will it redefine them? We’ll explore that question in a four-week-long series commemorating this generational milestone.



Barbara Neely

Finally, Free to Be Me

Novelist Barbara Neely on becoming the person you are after 65. Read

Sherwin Nuland

The Secret to Happiness

Writer and physician Sherwin Nuland shares what he has learned about finding fulfillment. Read

caricature of Boomer generation

Do You Recognize These Boomer Icons?

And can you guess which two will turn 65 this year? Play our interactive game. Do


Barbara Ehrenreich at 65

A Warning to Baby Boomers

Author and activist Barbara Ehrenreich tells those turning 65, “Don’t give up your day job.”  If you’re lucky enough to have one, that is. Read

Martinez at 65

Getting Older, Getting Better

Newspaper columnist Al Martinez reflects on how his 65th birthday sparked a whole new beginning. Read

two men from different generations at 65 years old

Not Your Father's Retirement

Baby boomers are transforming what it means to grow old — or at least they’re trying to. Humorist Joe Queenan sums up how different it is from our parents’ generation. Read

Judith Viorst at 65

Finding the Good Stuff

Don’t worry: It’s not all downhill after turning 65.  Writer and poet Judith Viorst offers sound advice on making the most of the years ahead. Read

News and

Boomers With No Savings

Many Boomers Report No Savings at All

With fewer pensions and more debt, boomers face retirement challengers their parents didn't. Watch

When I’m 65

Neil Howe tells Lark McCarthy about his theory characterizing the current baby boom generation as “change agents," similar to generations in the past born after great wars. Watch

Perceptions of Boomers

On the cusp of turning 65, how do baby boomers perceive themselves?  How do other generations view them? See the results of our exclusive poll and watch videos of boomers' reactions to the findings. Watch

Talkin' 'bout Their Generation

Joy Behar, Henry Winkler, Tony Danza and other notable boomers discuss staying youthful and changing the meaning of retirement. Watch


Avoiding Generational Conflict

Older and younger Americans can battle each other for resources, but AARP Bulletin editor Jim Toedtman argues that they’re better off working together toward their common goals. Read


Woman leaning against wall

A Boomer's Guide to Medicare

Turning 65? Learn everything you need to know about your new health insurance options with this complete Medicare guide. Read

Boomer exercisers

Never Too Old to Stay Fit

Getting regular exercise increases your chances of a long and healthy life. Here’s how to start a fitness regimen and stay in shape. Read


Get Your Groove Back

In the years ahead, boomers have a shot at redemption: Find out how you too can make the world a better place. Read

Boomers Money and Kids

Ease Financial Stress

Money pressures weigh on many boomers and their families. These strategies from Jane Bryant Quinn can help lighten the load. Read


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The Reinvention Group

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