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5 Free Apps to Help Keep You Healthy and Independent


When you need help, every second counts. In Episode 4, “Wouldn’t Be Tough,” Lisa’s search on social media doesn’t find Luz. Alberto sets out to find her, but his search is interrupted by a friend’s medical emergency. Being proactive about your health is important to help prevent emergencies. A smartphone can help keep you healthy and independent.

Consider these 5 free apps
 (for iPhone and Android)

ShopWell - Designed by a registered dietician, ShopWell helps identify which foods are right for you, offers healthy eating suggestions, and includes a grocery scanner with health ratings of over 350,000 products.

Calm - Finding moments in your day to relax your mind is important to overall health. The Calm app greets you with relaxing “celestial white noise” and offers guided meditations to help remove daily stress.

Yonder - This app is really is amazing! Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, just enter your location and you’ll be served a list suggestions for hiking, biking, walking, kayaking – all with reviews and tips from fellow nature lovers.

Smart BP - Whether you have hypertension or are at risk for developing it, this app’s interactive charts help you track and record your pulse and specific problems that you can monitor and share with your doctor.

Sleep Better - Gain a better understanding of your sleep cycle using the Sleep Better app, so you can wake each morning feeling more refreshed. It’s easy, just place your phone under your pillow, and you can set an alarm that will wake you when your body is at the lowest level of sleep.

BONUS: Turn the Jitterbug Smart into a personal safety device with 5Star Service. If you’re lost, feeling unsafe or have an emergency, one touch of the 5Star App connects you an agent that can assist, 24/7.