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These Purpose Prize winners — a handful of the extraordinary individuals awarded the Purpose Prize between 2006 and 2015 — remind us that there are no age limits to leaving your mark.


Ysabel Duron

— Courtesy Talking Eyes Media

“All of the challenges kept preparing me to stand up for something.”

Ysabel Duron, Latinas Contra Cancer, 2013 winner

Jamal Joseph

— Courtesy Talking Eyes Media

"It was in my 50s that I realized this was my calling.”

Jamal Joseph, IMPACT Repertory Theater, 2015 winner

Pamela Cantor

— Courtesy Talking Eyes Media

“Everything I have done in life has led to this.”

Pamela Cantor, M.D, Turnaround for Children, Inc., 2014 winner


Susan Burton

— Courtesy Talking Eyes Media

“I figured if I could help other women receive what I had received, then it would make a difference.”

Susan Burton, A New Way of Life Reentry Project, 2012 winner


Charles Fletcher

— Courtesy Talking Eyes Media

“No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to find your purpose.”

Charles Fletcher, SpiritHorse International, 2014 winner


Mauricio Miller

— Courtesy Talking Eyes Media

"I realized if I wouldn’t send my family through my own system, why would I put any other families through it?”

Mauricio Lim Miller, Family Independence Initiative, 2014 Purpose Prize winner