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AARP The Magazine - Featured in the May/June 2003 Issue

Movies for The Rest of Us: Once again it's time for AARP The Magazine's annual Movies for Grownups Awards. The second annual "La Chaise d'Or" awards honor filmmakers and performers who dare to make movies that honestly reflect the interests, concerns and passions of people over 50. Among the honorees: Jack Nicholson (Best Actor), Meryl Streep (Best Actress), "About Schmidt" (Best Movie for Grownups), and "Spirited Away" (Best Movie for Grownups Who Refuse to Grow Up). (Pg. 42)

The 15 Best Places To Reinvent Your Life. What are the 15 top "dream towns" for baby boomers? The May/June issue of AARP The Magazine identifies these lucky cities and sheds some light on boomers' plans for the future. Once again baby boomers are breaking the rules bumping traditional ‘retirement communities,’ and are looking for something different. We found that the group known for leading the pack feels behind when it comes to leisure and finance. Topping the list: Loveland/Fort Collins, Colorado; Bellingham, Washington; Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC and Sarasota, Florida. (Pg. 54)

Twelve Tips for Handling a Disturbing Diagnosis: It's the bombshell everyone dreads. The doctor calls and asks you to come in to discuss your test results. Your biopsy has come back positive. Or your EKG is abnormal. Or your blood test shows something questionable. What happens next? AARP The Magazine highlights 12 basic steps that all patients should take no matter what illness they are facing, including tactics for dealing with family, friends and physicians. (Pg. 28)

Catch-Up Savings Secrets: The heady 1990s stock market made all retirement dreams seem possible. But since 2000, some $7 trillion in market wealth has evaporated, taking many retirement dreams along with it. How bad is the damage? Three out of four Americans between the ages of 50 and 70 lost money in the stock market during the recent downtown, according to a new AARP survey. Given this grim outlook, can you ever retire as you once hoped? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. AARP The Magazine tells you what you can do now to craft a practical plan to determine when and how to begin the next phase of your life. (Pg. 64)

Viagra Etiquette - Pop the Pill, But Don't Kill the Mood: Viagra sales topped $1 billion in 2002, yet most single guys have no clue how to tell a date they're on the pill. AARP The Magazine offers tips that will keep the little love tablet from turning into a relationship faux pas. (Pg. 22)

Bury the Hatchet: A long-standing grudge may keep relatives apart for decades, and disagreements involving money – usually inheritance or a personal loan – are one of the most common triggers. AARP The Magazine offers several strategies to mend fences with someone close who dropped out of your life. (Pg. 38)

Bob Hope, An American Original: Laugh with him or at him, but give him his due: Bob Hope created comedy as we know it. As Bob Hope turns 100 on May 29, AARP The Magazine catches up with those closest to Hope – including the man who served as Hope's head writer and producer for several decades and his family publicist since 1972 – for an inside look at the man responsible for the very formula of modern standup comedy. (Pg. 35)

Confessions of an Ambulance Girl: Jane Stern's friends knew her to be deeply and neurotically terrified of sick people, a raging former urban hypochondriac. Which was why they can't believe that Stern became an EMT at age 52. When she saw the sign looking for volunteer EMTs, it pointed to everything cowardly she knew about herself. AARP The Magazine features Stern's story: doing something against the grain, and redefining herself to rediscover her life. (Pg. 68)

Arch de Triomphe: Fix your eyebrows and you'll give your looks a boost. AARP The Magazine offers tips for shaping and recommended tools of the trade. Eyebrow care works well for men too – just trimming and grooming their eyebrows can make them look much younger. (Pg. 85)

Also in the May/June issue:

  • Master Class: Mario Cuomo wasn't always the expert orator he is today; he tells AARP The Magazine how he went from a child who entered grade school only speaking Italian, to one of America's most influential speakers. (Pg. 80)
  • Ebidder: eBay may be the Goliath of online auction sites, but AARP The Magazine uncovers smaller competitors which may score you a better deal. (Pg. 18)
  • Modern Love: What to do when your girlfriend can't stop talking about her husband who passed away years ago. Plus – should you cut off sex with your ex? (Pg. 78)

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