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2013 Life@50+ Las Vegas

Sessions Highlights

Slideshow: Celebrities and experts engaged AARP members in Las Vegas

Each year since 2001, AARP's National Event and Expo has showcased everything AARP does through engaging, educational sessions. The Spring 2013 Life@50+ event in Las Vegas was a shining example of these sessions. Watch the slideshow below to see some of the celebrities and experts who entertained and informed attendees and the fun had by all during the event.

Leading With Laughter

On Friday, May 31, 2013, AARP welcomed comedic legends Don Rickles and Bob Newhart to kick off Life@50+ Las Vegas with big laughs and great memories. Only in Las Vegas would you expect to find these two icons of comedy on stage together, to the delight of Life@50+ attendees.

Photo by Christopher McDaniel

Tickling the Funny Bone

Interviewed by James “JB” Brown, Rickles and Newhart tickled audience funny bones with stories of their lives and careers. They shared their experiences entertaining audiences in Las Vegas and around the world. Watch a clip of the Life@50+ Las Vegas opening show below.

Photo by Christopher McDaniel

Fitness First

What better way to start the day at Life@50+ than with some exercise to get the blood pumping. Before attending the opening show, many attendees joined Robert Linkul, 2012 National Strength and Conditioning Association Personal Trainer of the Year, for the morning fitness session on Friday, May 31, 2013.

Photo by Ian Cunningham

Author, Author! And Author!

Inspirational, entertaining, compelling. These are just a few words to describe three of the most successful and popular authors of our time. AARP was thrilled to have Terry McMillan, Candace Bushnell and Amy Tan on stage together at Life@50+. Attendees joined host Myrna Blyth, AARP senior vice president and editorial director, to absorb the lifes and times of these great authors.

Photo by Doug Van Sant

Tremendous Travel Tips

Samantha Brown, AARP Travel Ambassador and a popular travel television host, shared what life is like when lived on the road and gave audience members a behind the scenes look at what goes into shooting a travel series. She shared her best travel advice, favorite oddball tips and told why she never leaves home without a jar of peanut butter.

Photo by Christopher McDaniel

Technology on Tap

AARP Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Terry Bradwell led audiences on a tour of the information highway. He showed how to “tap into our network” at the Technology Ambassador Place and demonstrated apps and online resources designed to help attendees connect and live their best lives.

Photo by Christopher McDaniel

Right on the Money

Author, personal finance expert and AARP Financial Ambassador Jean Chatzky shared a “Money School” jump-start to help cut through all of the clutter and get attendees on financial track. From simple strategies for saving and investing, to getting and staying out of debt, to the importance of a healthy credit score, Jean covered it all.

Photo by Doug Van Sant

"P" is for...

In his session, “Pass the P’s,” Chris Gardner shared some of the steps that he had to take and obstacles he overcame in order to get from where he was to creating the life that he wanted to live. Gardner identified the importance of the “P’s” in our life — finding your passion, being practical and having a plan — and that if he can do it, so can they.

Photo by Christopher McDaniel

Strumming the Heart Strings

Intriguing research has revealed that brains can be strengthened and exercised as they age, and that music can have a positive impact on people with cognitive disorders. The ukulele circle allowed attendees to strum the strings, find a personal connection to music and have some fun!

Photo by Ian Cunningham

Turning the Beat Around

Some attendees connected better with the beat of the drum than with strumming strings. The drum circle helped them find their own rhythm and explore the soothing effects percussion can have in their daily lives.

Photo by Christopher McDaniel

Entertainment Highlights

Music and Movies

See the Motown legends and movie stars who were on stage to entertain Life@50+ attendees in Las Vegas.

Photo by Ian Cunningham

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