2012 Life@50+

Session Highlights

Slideshow: Celebrities and experts engaged AARP members in New Orleans

Each year since 2001, AARP's National Event and Expo has showcased everything AARP does through engaging, educational sessions. The 2012 Life@50+ event in New Orleans was no different. Watch the slideshow below to see some of the celebrities and experts who entertained and informed audiences during the event.


Let's Get This Party Started

The 2012 Life@50+ National Event and Expo kicked off in New Orleans with Hoda Kotb in conversation with chef Emeril Lagasse at the opening show. Emeril shared his love and passion of both the city of New Orleans and cooking.

Photo by Doug Van Sant

Photo Op

Excited by the enthusiastic audience, Hoda Kotb and Emeril Lagasse captured the moment.

Photo by Doug Van Sant

Life’s Rhythms Reimagined

Intriguing research has revealed that brains can be strengthened and exercised as they age, and that music can have a positive impact on people with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. AARP favorite Dr. Adam Gazzaley discussed music and brain health before a packed room.

Photo by Christopher McDaniel

The Beat Goes On

Joining Dr. Gazzaley for the Life’s Rhythms Reimagined session was Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart who entertained the audience with his rhythmic drumming and demostrated the positive affects of music on the brain.

Photo by Christopher McDaniel

Life, Legacy and the Pursuit of Happyness

Did you know that economic recessions are the best time to start a business or initiate a new career path? Chris Gardner, AARP Ambassador and entrepreneur whose real-life story of perseverance made The Pursuit of Happyness a best-selling autobiography and film, showed the Life@50+ crowd the way as he entertained and informed with his speech.

Photo by Doug Van Sant

Heroes Among Us

A newcomer to Life@50+, ABC’s John Quiñones was a hit with our attendees. He shared some of the uplifting stories from his show, What Would You Do?, that inspired his recent book, Heroes Among Us, and encouraged listeners to tap the heroic spirit that lies within them.

Photo by Doug Van Sant

Cooking Up a Storm

The cooking stage at Life@50+ is always a crowd pleaser and the 2012 event in New Orleans was no exception. The legendary Leah Chase of New Orleans' Dooky Chase restaurant brought the local flair and flavor to the exhibit hall.

Photo by Ian Cunningham

A Pioneer of French/California Cuisine

World-renowned chef Michel Richard stirred up something tasty for the Life@50+ crowd.

Photo by Doug Van Sant

The Kitchen Diva

Angela Medearis, the Kitchen Diva, explained how to cook "Diva-licious" dishes with the American Diabetes Association® at Life@50+.

Photo by Christopher McDaniel

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