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New Business Ideas: Find Your Focus

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Work for Yourself 50+

Getting started on the path to self-employment can be difficult, especially when it feels like so much is riding on your decision. By taking the important step to think about what you like, what comes easily to you, and what takes more work, you can pinpoint business ideas to help you focus your energies.

Call 1-888-339-5617 to request a copy of the Work for Yourself@50+ toolkit. In the toolkit, you'll find the following resources:

•    Worksheet:  Knowing Yourself
•    Putting the Results to Work
•    Don’t Forget Your Natural Talents
•    Worksheet: Prioritizing Your Goals and Ideas
•    Analyzing Your Answers
•    Worksheet: What’s the BIG IDEA? Download

Additional Resources for Find Your Focus
Big Idea Sketch - AARP Foundation uses the Big Idea Sketch to help “sketch” out an idea. It is useful for both capturing the general thoughts of the idea and describing its key benefits. Using this tool can add richness and depth that will help you to build and improve upon your idea as you move forward. You may download the Big Idea Sketch worksheet here to get started.

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Call 1-888-339-5617 to request a copy of Work for Yourself@50+
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