Shop Smarter. Eat Healthier.

Fre$h Savings lets you buy more fresh fruits and vegetables with your SNAP card.

— AARP Foundation

Buying healthy food on a limited budget can be hard.

Fre$h Savings makes it easier.

Fre$h Savings lets you buy more fresh fruits and vegetables with your SNAP card.

Here’s how it works:

• At Kroger: Spend $10 on fresh fruits and vegetables with your SNAP card and get a Fre$h Savings coupon for half off your next purchase of fresh produce (up to a $10 value). A maximum of two coupons are allowed per SNAP household, per month.

• At the farmers market: Spend up to $20 with your SNAP card. Get the same amount in Fre$h Savings tokens to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables. At the end of market season, tokens will expire.

Shop smarter. Eat healthier.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can help you stay healthy.

If you lose your job or get sick, bills can add up fast. This makes it harder to buy healthy food.

Fre$h Savings can help you buy more fresh, healthy food. Any SNAP shopper can get Fre$h Savings at a participating Kroger store or farmers market.

For more information: Visit one of the stores or markets listed for Mississippi or Tennessee.  Send us an email us at

For people 50 and older: Guided tours at select Kroger stores will be offered starting later this year. These tours will include tips for making healthy choices that are smart for your budget. Check back soon for a list of Kroger stores where these tours will be available.

Volunteer Opportunities Available!

To learn more about volunteering with Fre$h Savings in Middle and East Tennessee, contact Victoria Raschke at

To learn more about volunteering with Fre$h Savings in Mississippi and West Tennessee, contact John Robinson at

Funding for Fre$h Savings is made possible by grants from the United States Department of Agriculture and UnitedHealthcare, with additional support from AARP Foundation.


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