Join Jeff Gordon, AARP, and AARP Foundation in solving the problem of senior hunger in America.


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Every year, AARP Foundation helps millions of struggling older adults 50 and over win back opportunity. We couldn't do it without the generous support of individuals and institutions.

Hungry in America: People Not Getting Enough to Eat — and Some Solutions

A documentary series puts faces on a national crisis

Senior food giveaway in Dallas, Texas

USA, Dallas, TX. 2010. Senior food give away. — Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photos

Who are the 9 million older Americans not getting enough to eat in the world's wealthiest nation? What are their circumstances? And who is trying to help them?

AARP and AARP Foundation wanted to find out. Working with the renowned Magnum Photos agency and the Homelands Productions journalism cooperative, they sent teams of journalists into the field around the country.

The stories and images these journalists collected are the basis of the four-part documentary Hungry in America. Watch each story below. Then consider what you can do.

Harvest Out of Reach

In Imokalee, Fla., many workers who harvested food for decades now don't have enough to eat. Watch