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Foreclosure prevention is possible!


Having trouble paying your mortgage? Learn what you can do with AARP Foundation’s Housing Solutions Center. Call toll free at 855-850-2525 to begin a free foreclosure prevention counseling session with a HUD-certified counselor.


Prevent Foreclosure

Educate Yourself, AARP Foundation Housing Solutions Center

Listen to expert advice on what to do if you are facing foreclosure, and learn the steps to take to catch up on payments.

Avoid Foreclosure Scams

Avoid Foreclosure Rescue Scams, AARP Foundation Housing Solutions Center

Learn from our experts how to recognize and avoid foreclosure rescue scams.



Prepare for Your Call

Prepare for Your Counseling Appointment, AARP Foundation Housing Solutions Center

Make the most of your counseling session by having these records on hand.

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Call 855-850-2525 or fill out the online form and we’ll get in touch to arrange a free counseling session.


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AARP Foundation's Housing Solutions Center is made possible in part by the generous support of The Hartford.

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