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The Scoop on Millennials' Offspring

Do's and don'ts on connecting with their younger ones — the even more tech savvy Generation Z

A Trip of a Lifetime

A caregiver digs deep and finds renewal on a special Road Scholar trip to New Mexico

Working for You

Fighting for Family Caregivers

At 40 million strong, family caregivers are the backbone of our country's delicate care system

In the Purpose Prize, AARP Finds a Soul Mate

Prize awards at least $100,000 annually to individuals creating new ways to solve tough social problems

One Man's Safety Net

Disability benefits help 51-year-old Ronnie McNab cover monthly transportation and food expenses

Making a Difference

82% of 50+ Voters Agree

Social Security Rally at the White House

Time for our presidential candidates to Take a Stand and make their Social Security positions clear to voters

  • 120,000+ Petitions Signed

    Every candidate should have a plan to keep Social Security strong. Does yours?

  • Life Reimagined

    11K+ people have taken the free online course, “Discover What’s Next: Living Your Life with Purpose”

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